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Relevant Investors

We pre-filter our investors so you only see the ones most likely to invest in you, with a track record of funding startups.

The Hidden Network

Find your future investors then find connections to them thanks to all the data we provide for each of them.

Save and Share

You can download the investors you've found... or manage your process and get intros right here, in FundBoard.

Start Building Your List

Building a FundBoard is easy... but getting one built for you is even easier! For a limited time, we'll make a FundBoard for you and give you a free 15-minute walk through of the best way to use it.

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Finally, the Search You Need

Don't you wish you could look for just investors that actually lead rounds, for the amount you're raising, in your industry?

Would you also like to find the ones that want to hear from you?

Maybe also see founders they've funded so you can reach out to them?

Yeah, us too. So we built that.

A screenshot of the FundBoard app investor data screen.

See Who Really Matches You... and Why

See why an investor matches you. Where and how they invest. Check them out on LinkedIn or Twitter. Dig deep before you add them to your FundBoard.

And if you see the purple star, you know a human being at FundBoard has checked them out and confirmed this is all real, accurate data.

A screenshot of the FundBoard app introduction screen.

Get Warm Introductions

Finding investors is pretty cool, but we don't stop there. You can use your FundBoard to save your investors, keep track of your progress, and get warm intros to the investors you want to reach.

No, really.

Share your FundBoard with your network and they can make the connections for you, or help you find people that can.

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