Welcome DeAndrea & Travis to the FundBoard Team

FundBoard Team
January 26, 2021
Announcing our two newest co-founders and where we are expanding next.

Welcome, DeAndrea Salvador and Travis Parke, to FundBoard! They’ve actually been part of the team for a while now, but we are finally pulling our heads up from product and other work to announce it to the world!

Both DeAndrea and Travis have compelling backgrounds (Techstars, TED Fellowship, and much more) that will catalyze our work to help people find the best source of capital to fuel their innovation. Whoever the founder, whatever the fuel. Most importantly, we think they are kind and thoughtful people.

If you want to hear why and how DeAndrea and Travis became co-founders, you can read all about it in their posts linked below.

Travis' Blog Post

DeAndrea's Blog Post

If you’re interested in joining our team. We’re looking for a front end developer and co-founder. Read more about the role here, and email hiring@fundboard.co if you’re interested in chatting with us!

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