The Team

Bryan smiling indoors with two of his children
Bryan Birsic

Many time founder, Boulder Dad, nature devotee. Raises money & tells stories, mostly.

Josh smiling outdoors with two of his children
Josh Jeffryes

UX & Dev superhero, multiple startup veteran. DC dad. Drinks coffee and knows things.

DeAndrea smiling outdoors
DeAndrea Salvador
Director of Growth

Systems thinking Wife, Mom and Entrepreneur from the land that first took flight (CLT,NC) who enjoys her charts tilting up and to the right. Reads a lot. Writes a lot.

Travis smiling on a neutral background
Travis Parke
Director of Operations

Startup operator, husband, dog dad, and action sports enthusiast. Bring order to the disorderly for the sake of enabling value creation.

Vernon Mullen II smiling outdoors.
Vernon Mullen II
Full Stack Developer

Web Development monk, Texas dad, and history connoisseur. Looking for the hitherto unknown intersection between Jazz music and programming.

Annie Liao smiling and taking a bite of dessert at a restaurant
Annie Liao
Designer and UI Developer

Visual storyteller, compassionate coder, outdoor lover. Born & raised in Taiwan, moved to NYC in 2017 and accidentally became a foodie.

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